Coaching begins with an initial review to discover what life coaching services will benefit you. Whether you need business support, career guidance, making decisions, considering relationship changes, increased happiness.

Whatever your needs are, improvements can be made at the pace you are comfortable with. Discover there is more to life.

Often people are looking for happiness but are too busy or to don’t even know where to start. We can discover how things are today and plan for future happiness. Including what happiness means to you.

Working hard but no improvement seen? Want to move up to the next level but can’t see how? Thinking of retiring or cutting down the workload? Considering a new business venture or expanding your current business?

Doing the same thing rarely works, often new ideas and fresh thinking is required. Whether it’s a one off decision or a long term goal you want to achieve, coaching from an independent business confidant is a wise choice to make to help make those big decisions. I can be help you with pragmatic coaching, setting and driving you to reach your goals, and help you find clarity. Email me or call me to discuss to see how I can help.

Having a positive outlook and thinking more positively makes life less stressful and happier. Having doubts about life, work, relationships and many other concerns often cloud our ability to be positive when making decisions. Whether they are investments, committing to the future or simply feeling you are doing the right thing for yourself and your family.

We all have doubts from time to time. Staying positive is not always easy with bad news filling the airwaves and uncertainty being the norm, or so it would seem. Learning to think positively helps put things into perspective and review what’s good for you and what needs changing.

Working with project teams, design staff and sales teams (or groups) to help them reach their goals, and progress as a team to help improve performance, output, unity, and delivering project goals. I can help pin point inefficiencies, inter-team issues or increase morale for improved outcomes. I specialise in this service. An efficient team working together can produce higher quality results, hit timescales and great performance levels than a team that lacks morale, infighting, having conflicting views, lack cohesion, or lack commitment. Coaching sessions to fix this will more than pay for itself.

The Membership coaching package works well where a project team or a group (say small sales or design team) are coached as a team. This allows for team / group members to improve performance, teamwork, achieving targets, quality levels and budgets, as a team. They receive coaching support each month as part of the package. A leader (often a key stakeholder will set the boundaries and governance to measure the team’s progress).

Individual coaching for a team member(s) can be arranged as required as a separate coaching service. Membership benefits are realised from the team working and improving together to deliver a project. Each member receiving personal life coaching benefits through improving their skills and behaviours in their respective role or position in the team. This enhances the performance also for the team and individual.

Whether you are planning career goals and strategy, deciding on what key new skills to acquire, finding an ideal work / life balance is key to being happy and managing your expectations. I can help you find appropriate time to spend with family members, close friends and loved ones. Often this is the key to finding the correct balance for you and the ones closest to you.

If you are planning for change in your circumstances, redundancy, business, personal life or a change in responsibilities, occasionally we need to plan and manage steps for the future. Considering your options, timescales, and pressure from family or a career choice comes to us all at some stage in our lives.

If you wish to improve your health, level of confidence and find wellbeing, these often require review of how to make changes and improvements. Improving your health and fitness will bring many benefits and boost your confidence.

We all feel stressed at some point or another, but too much stress can impair your health, sometimes with serious consequences. Finding ways to relax and destress improves health, lowers your likelihood to more serious health conditions and relationships. It also helps you accomplish a happier more peaceful lifestyle.

People or work commitments that hog your time can be frustrating. I can help you manage your time so you get to see your loved ones, enjoy your hobbies, get fit and achieve the targets, goals and dreams. There is often someone or something hogging your valuable time. I will help you get precious time back and take control!

I specialise in project management, programme management and team support. I am qualified in PMI (project management International), full member of APM, have an MBA business degree and engaged on troubleshooting projects that are late delivering, over budget, poor quality results and teams requiring motivation. I can assist with building and creating new project teams. Additionally services with interviewing, recovering failed projects, estimating, planning, risk management, contracts, and lessons learnt, problem-solving, budgeting, reviewing and consulting on projects.

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