The wonderful customers who have used my coaching services are the reason I’m in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said.

Phil has helped my project team with motivation, output, and improved relationships with our clients, plus work well as a team.  Please accept my thanks and look out for our next project meeting invite soon!

C. Bayliss

Phil you have helped me in so many ways.  With the business, getting out of the rut I was in, improving my relationship with the kids and my Ex.  Thanks so much, I’m adding new services to the business now and working normal business hours!  First time for 6 years.  Coffee is on me this time.

D. Lee

Thanks Phil, my weekly workload is now under control even though I’ve expanded the business and taken on new staff! My project team are now back on track and within budget! Plus I get to see the wife and kids more now and even had time for a well-earned holiday! (Although I did take my ipad to keep an eye on new orders) see you next month for next project meeting.

D. Clarke

More to life coaching have been a great support of the past few months.  Managing a much improved work / life balance by changing my working hours and focusing on what is important in life has made life much less stressful and given me confidence to speak up, thanks Phil, looking forward to our next meeting.

G. Spick

Phil has helped me be more successful by reaching my goals and realising what was really holding me back!  Now I know other issues were distracting me I have a happier family and more prosperous business.

T. Cook
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